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About Me

Geometry and optical illusions are a constant fascination of mine and I love experimenting with different shapes in clay. I am starting a new body of work; which will be stretching and morphing shapes to see how far I  can go in the making process. All my work is slip cast from moulds made by  myself. I use lots of bold colours and I'm currently experimenting with marbling techniques; I am enjoying the juxtaposition of the fluid decoration and the angular, rigid vessels.

There are two parts to my work; wall installations and more functional vessels. The vessels are an extension of the wall sculptures that were developed over the years to create something with function as well as form. The Hexagon is a recurring shape in my work, I find it such a satisfying shape to work with and it provides many options for creating different compositions.

I also teach all sorts of pottery classes and courses in handbuilding ceramics. I have recently moved and my studio is now in my garden, it is a good size for around 4 people per class. If you attend a class with me it will be cosy and laid back. See my classes section for more information.

CWC Ceramics slip.jpg
CWC Ceramic slip in mould.jpg
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