About Camilla

Geometry and optical illusions are a constant fascination of Camilla's and she continues to explore these ideas in her work. She tries to create new shapes to trick the viewer's eye.

There are two parts to Camilla's work; wall installations and more functional vessels. The vessels are an extension of the wall sculptures that were developed over about two years. The Hexagon shape is a recurring shape in her work, it is a satisfying shape to work with and provides many options for creating modular compositions.

Working from her studio near Waterloo Station in London, each piece is slip cast from moulds made by Camilla herself. She likes to use bold colours and is currently experimenting with marbling techniques. The juxtaposition of the fluid decoration and the angular, rigid vessels are what Camilla is currently working on.

Camilla also teaches handbuilding pottery classes and 5 week courses from her studio.

CWC Ceramics slip.jpg
CWC Ceramic slip in mould.jpg