CWC Ceramics workshop

I am asked so many times ‘how do you make that?!’. So as a one off I have decided to hold a workshop that lets a few of you in on my ceramics practice. On 11 August I am holding a slip casting workshop where you can make your own CWC ‘Tri’ pot. We will chat through the basics of making a plaster mould and the challenges it comes with. We will then look at my previously made plaster moulds for the ‘Tri pots’. You can choose from a range of colours in my studio and then slip cast your own pot. You will have a really good insight into my work and methods. We will also have time to add detail to your pot if you wish. Book your spot here or just ask if you have any questions. There are just 6 spaces, it will be a really fun and unique day. The workshop will be held at my studio in Makespace Studios.

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